What is GlobalCastMD?

GlobalCastMD exists to create a low-cost of participation, virtual platform where medical professionals can attend world class medical educational symposia from the comfort of their own home or office and for a fraction of the cost of a live show.


Featured Video

11 Breast masses, Cryptorchidism, Lumps and bumps
Watch as world pediatric surgical experts discuss Lumps and Bumps from last year's Pediatric Surgery Update Course.  This year it is renamed, Stay Current in Pediatric Surgery.  Register today.

8-3-16 • GlobalCastMD to Travel to AAGL for 2016

Once again, we find ourselves highlighting surgical techniques at AAGL this year.  We will be traveling to broadcast an evening event with ConMed exploring the use cases for Low Impact […] READ MORE

5-26-16 • Physician Engagement Education Series

We are pleased to be collaborating with The Cleveland Clinic on their Physician Engagement Series which delivers cutting edge discussion and clinical expertise to their alum ni and international communities […] READ MORE

4-16-16 • Live Events | Stay Current In Pediatric Surgery: Annual Update Course 2016

This is the the Fourth Annual “Pediatric Surgery Update Course” virtual symposium. This full day symposium is designed to give an update each year on the contemporary management of common […] READ MORE
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