What is GlobalCastMD?

GlobalCastMD exists to create a low-cost of participation, virtual platform where medical professionals can attend world class medical educational symposia from the comfort of their own home or office and for a fraction of the cost of a live show.


Featured Video

14 Live Surgery - Robotic Prostatectomy with Extended Pelvic Lymph Node Dissection-5MBPs
Watch Dr. James Porter perform an extended lymph node dissesction in front of a live audience. 

9-17-15 • Data Show Interactivity Quadruples Effectiveness of E-Learning

If your intuition tells you that an online learning portal that prompts learners with notes and reminders at strategic spots, includes interactive polls and links to resources, and allows learners […] READ MORE

8-22-15 • SAGES Holds Project 6 Summit, Launches Telementoring Initiative – SAGES

SAGES Project 6 Summit, taking place today in Los Angeles, will convene telementoring experts and surgeons to strategize and make recommendations for future directions in the field that aim to […] READ MORE

8-18-15 • Doctors lobby to keep lid of secrecy on industry payments for medical education – The Boston Globe

As a medical education company that essentially breaks even each CME event, We think there needs to be continued commercial support for CME.  There simply are too many new advances and not enough educational […] READ MORE
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